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"Sex Abuse and Signs of Fraud" by Rev. Gordon MacRae Published in Catalyst: The Journal of the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights

"Vengeance Time" by Mark Sargent Commonweal April 20, 2007

"The Rights of Accused Priests" by Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. America, June 21-28, 2004

"Fleecing the Shepherd" by Harvey Silverglate - Boston Phoenix

"Clerical Scandal and the Scandal of Clericalism" by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things, March 2008 

"Prosecuting Dioceses and Bishops: A Legal Analysis of the Diociese of Manchester Agreement" by John S. Baker, Boston College Law Review 

"Scandal Time: A Collection of Essays" by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things, 2002-2008

"Mercy Toward Our Fathers" by Camille D'Arienzo, America Magazine, August 18, 2008
     Commentaries on "Mercy Toward Our Fathers"

"Trial By Therapist" by Ryan A. MacDonald

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