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Mail can be sent to Gordon MacRae in prison.  Envelopes must be addressed exactly as follows with no title:

Gordon J. MacRae
P.O. Box 14 - No. 67546
Concord, NH  03302-0014

Please keep in mind the following prison mail rules:
- Use of Titles on the envelope is prohibited.
- Mail to prisoners is received opened and subject to being screened by prison officials.
- Mail cannot contain tape or stickers on letters or envelopes.
- Mail cannot contain cash or unused stamps.
- Checks or Money Orders to prisoners must have the prisoner's name and number (67546) and the sender's name and address.

If you wish to send a donation to assist with support and expenses, checks can be forwarded to Father Gordon MacRae.  Checks can be made out to him.  Letters will also be forwarded.  Send these in care of:

Fr. Gordon MacRae
P.O. Box 863
Hampton, NH  03842-0863

If you wish to contribute to a legal defense fund to assist this effort for justice, you may send a check made out to Father Gordon MacRae in care of:

Friends of Father Gordon MacRae
P.O. Box 863
Hampton, NH  03842-0863

Father Gordon's defense is now sponsored by the National Center for Reason and Justice.  The NCRJ is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  A tax deductible contribution* can be made to:

The National Center for Reason & Justice
P.O. Box 230414
Boston, MA  02123-0414

 * Please indicate that your check is to be used for the defense of Father Gordon MacRae and also whether you plan to deduct the contribution. If you deduct, the NCRJ will give serious consideration to your recommendation but they cannot make a commitment without endangering your deduction.

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